eMarketSchool.com - Is it worth 49.00 per month?

Published: 30th June 2010
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When you join an internet marketing training school like eMarketSchool there are a lot of questions that are likely to cross your mind. Most importantly, if should invest your hard earned money in their course? Will you gain knowledge that is worth the money?

There have been several who have been cheated into paying huge sums of money with a promise to earn 10 fold, but got back nothing. The most important lesson learnt with these experiences is that you begin to stop trusting these sites and start looking between the lines, to notice if there is any kind of gimmick or scam.

Almost 60% of these affiliate marketing schools promise to help you earn money almost instantly and this is possibly where we get lost and don't see the reality in all their claims. What you should know is that there is no one in this entire universe who has ever gotten rich overnight or within a few weeks of conducting their business. Even the richest man and the biggest businessman will tell you that it's a lot of toil and struggle, lots of ups and downs, pains and gains! So what makes us believe that we can get rich overnight?

It's these pumped up testimonials on affiliate sites that have pictures of cars, luxurious homes and even exotic vacations, and we get lost in all the luxury. Who doesn't want to be rich, have a nice big home, support your family, don't have a boss breathing down your neck, own your dream car, take a nice break with family every six months. I do, I always wanted to. It's just a human want! If you have lost money doing so then your not the only one, there are thousands who have been scammed, just because they wanted a luxurious life.

Is $49.00 per month worth it to learn affiliate marketing?

$49.00 per month is not a small amount. It is money that would have gotten you through 2 days of your life. It is a big risk especially when you know that it might not work out. I was reluctant to join eMarketSchool at first. The reason for this was that I wasn't sure if I should spend my money and if spending would help me earn profits for a life time. It was a risk I was willing to take since there were quiet a few points that interested me. I am attaching that page here for your reference...

What does eMarketSchool teach you for $49.000 per month?

Just the caption "We make it easier to learn internet Marketing" was what caught my attention. Surely these guys knew what they were doing to have put up such highlighted claims. It said that it would teach me, a novice, at internet marketing all about the lucrative industry of affiliate marketing or internet marketing.

Their belief is very simple

1) Their lessons are simple and clear. Even someone who does not know anything about internet marketing will find the course simple and easy to understand. You learn SEO, pay per click, and also learn affiliate marketing, article marketing, banner marketing, comment marketing, forum marketing and more.

2) They have some great customer service that you can reach out to any time you want. Over time, whenever I needed any kind of help like a page not opening etc... The customer service was very helpful and worked and providing me round the clock service. I felt like I was the only important affiliate at eMarketSchool.com

3) If you think you are not getting your money's worth, you can cancel your subscription. No one's held ransom for a month or a year.

4) The enrollment is free, unlike other sites that charge you a bomb and then charge you again for the course.

5) They believe in achieving results through their students and that's US. Their course has been created after years of research and has interested first hand experiences of some of the best internet marketers.

These were some points that made me think that $49.00 was really a neat price for what I was getting in return. After the course I learnt how to make my money through internet marketing. The money that I earn today is more than what I had spent to learn about internet marketing.

I recommend anyone who is interested in the subject to check: www.eMarketSchool.com

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